Public roads this week state records show nine months after it

Public roads this week state records show nine months after it

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Strictly Come Dancing ex-pro Brendan Cole has admitted Stacey Dooley's win 'made a mockery' of the show, as he scolded the judges for their overzealous scoring.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York leads Islamic art tours to improve understanding of its contributions to the world heritage. Fred Katayama reports. Arizona-based company World View Enterprises says it has taken a major step towards launching commercial balloon flights to the edge of space, with a successful unmanned test flight that reached an altitude of about 23 miles. The company hopes to begin taking tourists to near space in 2016 with advanced technology it says will open up a new view of the Earth. Sharon Reich reports. At nearly 1,700 pages, Uwe Johnsons novel Anniversaries takes the form of a yearlong diary covering 1968, written by a German woman who has moved to New York City with her young daughter.
The Daily Mail's resident doctor answers your personal concerns in his weekly Good Health column. Today, he advises on so-called sun lamps and lipomas.
The following are the top stories in the Financial Times. Reuters has not verified these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy. Operating under the brand name Bugsy Malone, the eight-strong gang (pictured) moved into Grimsby from Manchester to target the most vulnerable in society, Hull Crown Court heard.
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